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New Year's Flag
New Year's flags has it's roots steeped in history. New Year's Eve has traditionally been a time to celebrate with family and friends. In modern times, New Year's Eve usually involves fun, festivities, music, dancing, eating, drinking and party favors such as hats, streamers, noisemakers, fireworks and banners. You can add flags to the party list as many people are flying New Year's flags at their party's or in their gardens and yards as another way to celebrate the coming of a new year.New Year has historically been celebrated for centuries and is considered to be the oldest of all holidays, being celebrated about 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylon. However, it hasn't always fallen on January 1st.Years ago it was often tied into some significant astronomical or agricultural event. It is believed the Romans were the first to celebrate it on the first of January around 153 BC because it was actually for political reasons as newly elected officials would assume their positions on this date.It is rumored that Julius Caesar wanted to change the date of the event in 45 BC, but January 1st of that year fell on a new moon and it was considered bad luck to change it then. However, Caesar did change the calendar system from the Egyptian solar calendar to the "Julian" calendar. Up until 1582AD Christian Europe continued to celebrate the New Year on March 25.Pope Gregory XIII then reformed the calendar to the Gregorian version we use today. Early American settlers adopted the New Year traditions from their homelands and Native Americans also had their own celebration customs. The New Year was always considered a time to wipe out past events, so there could be a rejuvenation for the upcoming year.In modern times, most of the flags are party oriented and feature Happy New Year or the date of the New Year. Some New Year's flags are more patriotic in nature and feature versions of the national flag with the date of the year printed on it. Most of the flags are very durable and if they don't state the year on them they can be used for at least two or three years. They come in various sizes and colors and of course you can usually order a custom flag of your own design. With America being such a culturally mixed society there are also New Year flags available for people who celebrate the New Year on dates other than January 1st.go and check on

Welcome Flags
"Welcome, Bienvenue and Willkommen" from Carousel, the Broadway hit, implies you can never be over welcoming…so, why not show your pizzazz and fly a welcome flag. Many people place welcome flags in their front gardens or porches to show they are friendly and to obviously welcome visitors. An example of this is a flag with a pineapple on it, as it is a symbol of friendship.There are flags, to represent the opposite: an "unwelcome flag," a Jolly Roger flag, or any other flag with a threatening gesture on it is usually placed on somebody's property to discourage visitors and intruders.Most welcome flags are easily recognized as the word welcome is written on it along with a design of some type. They can also be bought with your nation's colors on them to show you are both friendly and patriotic. Welcome flags look great when you have an inviting welcome mat to thematically describe your front entranceway.There are also seasonal welcome flags available with various designs on them such as log cabins, birdhouses, and snowmen etc. If you own a business you can also fly an open or closed flag. Flags are also available that convey various other messages on them.go and check on

Easter Flags
The feast was first celebrated in the second century, but didn't become official until 325AD. It was debated if Easter should be held on a weekday, like the Jewish custom of Passover or if it should be held on a Sunday. It was finally decided it should be held on the first Sunday, after the first full moon after the vernal equinox, which was later changed to March 21.As with many other early Christian holidays the date selected was as much political as it was symbolic. The word Easter itself is believed to have come from the Anglo Saxon Goddess of Spring named Eostre, or the rising of the sun in the east. Many churches today still have early sunrise services on Easter to follow tradition.There are many symbols associated with Easter that can be found on flags celebrating this holiday and they include Easter rabbits or bunnies, Easter Eggs, Easter lilies, objects of springtime and new clothing. Easter may have started out as a religious holiday by people fasting, sacrificing and holding prayers to remember the sacrifices Christ made, but today its true meaning is often forgotten as chocolates and candies are often the main ingredient of Easter. You can still, find some flags with religious symbols such as crosses on them.Go and check on for more details......

Christmas Flags
Because Christmas has a strong religious and traditional meaning, flags flown to celebrate it can either have religious or seasonal overtones. Many flags are flown indoors and outdoors. Christmas seasonal flags may feature snowmen, holly, ivy, candy canes, reindeer, colored lights and trees, while religious flags often feature nativity scenes and other religious emblems.Since the fourth century the biggest Christian holiday in the world has been Christmas Day, December 25, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, the holiday is probably a joining of other celebrations and dates back even further as the Romans used to celebrate the Birthday of the Unconquerable son (Natalis Solis Invicti) just after the winter solstice.The feast was in honor of a Persian deity of the sun named Mithras. The Romans had also celebrated a feast of Saturnalia, which was a period of jubilation. However, Christians didn't want to celebrate Pagan beliefs such as Mithriasm so the Romans, in an effort to please Pagans and Christians, compromised and settled on a celebration which was held on Dec. 25.Many people in Western Europe used to celebrate a winter holiday where they often decorated their homes in greenery and candles and exchanged gifts at a huge feast. As the Romans conquered other parts of Europe, local customs were often incorporated into the holiday. Christmas today has its roots in many different traditions throughout the world, which are all blended into one.Elements of many cultures are represented at Christmas, giving it the popularity it enjoys. Alabama was the first state to recognize Christmas as a holiday in 1836 and by 1890 all the other states had followed suit. Christmas does seem to be the most popular holiday in the world for people to gather with family and friends and everybody seems to make an effort to be home for Christmas. It is a time of celebration and giving and perhaps the time of the year when people truly show their affection for their fellow man.Go and check on for more details.

Decorative Flags
Decorative Flags
There are many decorative flags available for any occasion, event and hobby you could imagine. A decorative flag is just for that, to decorate. A decorative flag may be flown to add color to a well kept house and yard or it may be flown inside to represent somebody's beliefs, passions, family, friends or hobbies.Decorative flags can be animal flags, pet flags, plane flags, train flags, automobile flags, wildlife flags, lighthouse flags, outdoor life flags, farm flags, rooster flags, cartoon character flags, etc. The list goes on and on. People fly flags to decorate their offices, kitchens, rec rooms, garages, back yards, front yards, porches bikes and cars. They usually decorate them with flags that represent some aspect of their personality or something they show a great deal of interest in.People fly decorative flags to show others the pride they have in their hobbies and interests and perhaps as conversation pieces; to be able to strike up a meaningful conversation with somebody who shares the same interests. Decorative flags come in all shapes, sizes and colors and if you can't find what you are looking for you can always make a custom flag of your own or design one for a manufacturer to make for you

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